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Uzbekistan Energy Week 2024: A Recap of Key Industry Discussions

12/06/2024Uzbekistan Energy Week 2024: A Recap of Key Industry Discussions

Exploring a Range of Energy Topics from Green Initiatives to Traditional Oil and Gas Methods.


Uzbekistan Energy Week 2024 took place from May 14th to 16th, 2024, at the Uzexpocentre NEC and International Hotel Tashkent, marking another successful edition of this annual event. It attracted 15 256 attendees and featured 450 international exhibiting companies, 50+ speakers and moderators, 1413 delegates, highlighting its significance as a pivotal platform for energy industry professionals.




Uzbekistan Energy Week stands as the largest annual event gathering for oil & gas and energy professionals in Uzbekistan, fostering collaboration among industry leaders, government officials, manufacturers, and consumers. It serves as a showcase for cutting-edge technologies within the oil & gas and energy sector and facilitates crucial business connections.


Highlights of Uzbekistan Energy Week 2024


The festivities began with the UNG-Youth Marathon, a 3.9km event organized in partnership with Uzbekneftegaz JSC on May 14th, 2024. Various events unfolded under the banner of Uzbekistan Energy Week, including OGU (Oil and Gas Uzbekistan), Power Uzbekistan, and GETCA (Green Energy Technologies Central Asia) exhibitions. Notable conferences were held from May 14th to 15th at the International Hotel Tashkent under the theme "Transformation for a Secured Energy Future: Dynamic Energy Transition."


The exhibitions featured 450 companies and brands from 31 countries, including Austria, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkiye, and the UAE, among others. National pavilions showcased the latest advancements and solutions in oil and gas, energy equipment, and renewable energy integration.
Additional activities included the "Zakovat" intellectual game, a video competition, the premiere of the 3D animated series "Quvvat," and IT specialists' hackathon, and the recognition of finalists in the best startups and innovation proposals competition.


Key Events at Uzbekistan Energy Week


OGU 2024 Conference: The 26th edition covered topics such as exploration and production challenges, risk management, and digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.


International Energy Conference: Featured a plenary session on harmonizing energy policy with Uzbekistan's national strategy, highlighting advancements and experiences in energy system modernization.


OGU exhibition: exposition widely presented samples of modern equipment, advanced technologies and innovations that are increasingly used in the oil and gas industry. 


Power Uzbekistan: Showcased energy-related sectors, including energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, and power electronics, emphasizing practical value and international collaboration.


GETCA (Green Energy Technologies Central Asia): Brought together renewable energy stakeholders to address climate change challenges through innovative technologies.


Business Development Meetings: Facilitated G2B and B2B engagements that led to significant agreements, such as potential cooperation between Uzbekneftegaz and SOCAR.


Looking Ahead


Uzbekistan Energy Week 2025 promises even greater opportunities. Save the date for UEW 2025, scheduled to take place from May 13-15 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Insights into Uzbekistan's Energy Industry


Uzbekistan has made significant strides in renewable energy with its inaugural solar and wind tenders in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Privatization of JSC "Thermal Power Plants" in 2022 and plans to double uranium production by 2030 reflect ongoing energy sector developments. Natural gas remains a dominant component of Uzbekistan's energy mix, with ambitious renewable energy capacity expansion underway.


Official support for Uzbekistan Energy Week is provided by:


•    Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 
•    Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 
•    JSC "Uzbekneftegaz," 
•    the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan. 


This collective effort underscores the nation's commitment to advancing its energy sector and fostering international collaboration.