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Baku Water Week 2024: A Vital Confluence of Industry Leaders

29/04/2024Baku Water Week 2024: A Vital Confluence of Industry Leaders

Addressing Critical Issues for Sustainable Water Management and Climate Resilience




Baku Water Week provides a unique and essential platform for producers, government agencies, and foreign investors to forge cooperative relationships and long-term partnerships. The event focuses on attracting new technologies and investments to Azerbaijan, facilitating industry growth and fostering discussions on key water sector issues.


Baku Water Week 2024 Event


The inaugural Baku Water Week commenced on March 12, 2024, with distinguished government representatives and industry leaders in attendance. Notable attendees included Zaur Mikayilov (Chairman, Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency), Goshgar Tahmazli (Chairman, Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan), Sahib Alekperov (Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan), Ahmad Ahmedzade (Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan), Edward Stroon (General Director, ICA Group), and Farid Mammadov (General Director, Caspian Event Organisers).


The event's primary focus was on ensuring dependable water supply in Azerbaijan through robust governmental policies and support from the State Agency of Water Resources. Baku Water Week attracted significant technologies, equipment, and investments that bolstered the Azerbaijani water supply industry.

Approximately 90 companies from 16 countries participated in Baku Water Week. Alongside Azerbaijan, the countries represented by these participating companies, include Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Türkiye, and the United States of America.

Although it was the inaugural event, Baku Water Week garnered significant support from major companies. Notable participants included Acwa Power, AgroFoodInvestment, Geo SU Group, Hidroloq LLC (gold sponsors), IDE Technologies, Körpü Bina Tikinti, Coca-Cola (silver sponsors), and Kolin İnşaat, Özgün İnşaat, Qarabağ-ER, and Aztəsərrüfat LLC (bronze sponsors), with Mekorot serving as a consulting partner. The involvement of these influential players underscores the event's importance and relevance within the industry.


Key Exhibition Sections


Baku Water Week showcased various exhibition sections including:


•    Analytical and lab technology
•    Pipe and pipeline equipment
•    Drainage equipment
•    Waterworks
•    Potable water treatment
•    Consulting services
•    Water supply and discharge (sewerage)
•    Irrigation systems
•    Construction and drilling equipment in water supply and management
•    Instrumentation and control technologies
•    Design and construction of water industry facilities
•    Information and communication technologies
•    Education and scientific research in the water industry
•    R&D institutes
•    Water desalination technologies
•    Wastewater and stormwater discharge and treatment systems


Conference and Panel Discussions


The Baku Water Week International Conference, held concurrently, focused on water resource management, climate change's impact on water resources, and effective water use. The conference also addressed critical topics such as the global water shortage, technological innovations in water management, sustainable water use in communities, and more.

Panel Discussions:


•    Modern Trends in Water Management and Development Plans in Azerbaijan
•    Sustainable Wastewater Management: Challenges and Solutions
•    Water Resource Conservation in Action
•    Innovative IT Solutions for the Water Industry


Notable Speakers Included:


•    Zaur Mikayilov (Chairman, Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency)
•    Anar Jafarov (Director, Agrarian Innovation Center)
•    Jamala Nabiyeva (Director, Soil and Water Analysis Laboratory, Scientific Research Institute of Land  

•    Orkhan Mikayil (Executive Director, Aqualink)
•    Murad Jamalov (Head of Space Thematic Processing Group, Azercosmos)
•    Mammad Asadov (Chief Engineer, Azerbaijan State Institute for Designing Water Facilities)
•    Ali İhsan Olgun (Director, Isser Group)
•    Akshin Aksu (Director, A.O.Smith Water Technology)
•    Elnur Nasirov (Deputy Director, Scientific Research and Project Institute for Water Management)
•    Subhana Shakhmaliyeva (Director of Irrigation Systems Sector, Scientific Research Institute of Land 

•    Andrey Leymann (General Director, WATERBOSHE)
•    Mark Samojlovich (ERP Practice Director, Awara IT)
•    Ahmet Attaroghlu (Chairman, Geoflow Turkiye)


Baku Water Week is a unique platform where organizations, government agencies, and foreign investors come together to explore cooperation opportunities and foster partnerships in water resource management. These collaborations drive regional industry development and facilitate discussions on critical climate challenges and innovative projects. Participation at the exhibition positions attendees for impactful engagement at the upcoming COP29 in Baku, offering a platform to share and discuss the latest advancements in rain enhancement research and technology, enhancing water security efforts.


Looking Ahead


Azerbaijan remains committed to exploring alternative water resources and breakthrough technologies to combat water scarcity, including rain enhancement and cloud seeding technology. The launch of initiatives like the Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative underscores Azerbaijan's determination to engage in global rain enhancement efforts.


Baku Water Week 2024 marks a pivotal moment in advancing water resource management and sustainability, setting the stage for impactful collaborations and innovative solutions in the water industry.


The next edition of Baku Water Week 2025 will be held from 8 – 10 April 2025 at Baku Expo Center – Azerbaijan. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this groundbreaking platform


Official supporters of Baku Water Week


•    Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency
•    Azerbaijan Exhibition Organisers Association