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Successful Gathering of Agricultural Industry Leaders at AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2024

26/04/2024Successful Gathering of Agricultural Industry Leaders at AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2024

90% of Foreign Exhibitors Participated at AgroWorld 2024, Including the National Pavilion of Turkey and Extensive Expositions from China, Germany, and Russia.

The 19th International Exhibition on Agriculture - AgroWorld Uzbekistan is considered the most important event in the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan as the exhibition attendees consist agricultural holdings, farm, processing industries, livestock farms and grain company representatives to name a few, 84% of whom influence purchasing decisions.  




Agroworld Uzbekistan is a pivotal event in Uzbekistan's agricultural sector, held annually at the UZEXPOCENTRE in Tashkent. The event primarily features the production and sale of modern agricultural machinery and spare parts. It also showcases a wide range of equipment, technologies, and materials for crop production, livestock, poultry farming, veterinary services, and the processing, transportation, and storage of agricultural products. Agroworld serves as a dynamic platform for displaying products and services, facilitating networking among industry professionals from reputable companies and specialists, and providing vital industry insights. Additionally, it acts as a gateway to the Eurasian agricultural sector. 


The Agroworld Uzbekistan 2024 Event 


This edition of Agroworld welcomed 5,362 visitors from 32 countries including 12 regions of Uzbekistan as well as Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Republic of Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, UAE, Poland, Russia, USA, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkiye, Ukraine, France.


The event hosted 135 exhibitors, with 121 of them being international exhibitors from 21 countries who showcased their products and services. The exhibition effectively served as a platform for efficient communication between agrarians, leaders of processing equipment and agricultural machinery sectors, as well as related industry experts and Uzbekistan government bodies. The Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan, Mr. Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov, attended the event and visited several exhibitors stands.


Key Highlights of Agroworld Uzbekistan 2024:


This year's edition was attended by numerous industry experts and professionals in the agricultural sector, including Mr. Pulat Rakhmatullaev from the "Parrandasanoat" Association, Mr. Nodir Otazhonov, Chairman of the Board of UzAgro Leasing, representatives from the Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms, and Owners of Household Land Plots of Uzbekistan, delegation of farmers from the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC), Mr. Pavel Bukhanov from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Alexey Ulyanov, Representative of the Russian Export Centre in Uzbekistan, as well as various representatives from the embassies of Georgia, India, Turkiye, Iran, Republic of Belarus, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the USA.  These distinguished attendees engaged in insightful discussions and networking opportunities, contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan. The AgroWorld Uzbekistan platform serves as a key link to introducing key individuals for business development as well as to gain key industry insights into the Uzbekistan agricultural sector.

There were several agricultural machinery demonstrations for Animal feed, feed mills, silos and their system components, humic and fulvic acid products, irrigation, green homes, environmental control, biosafety, feed and food chemicals, grain grinders, veterinary drugs and poultry farm equipment.  


Additionally, the exhibition sections encompassed a wide range of agricultural domains including:

•    Greenhouse farming 
•    Fertilizers
•    Seeds
•    Watering
•    Grain processing and storage
•    Poultry farming,
•    Livestock farming
•    Equipment for feeding
•    Housing and slaughter
•    Feed
•    Veterinary medicine


AgroWorld Uzbekistan remains committed to fostering growth and innovation in the agricultural sector, serving as a catalyst for industry advancement and collaboration.


Looking Ahead:

Agroworld Uzbekistan 2025 is the perfect opportunity for agrarians and industry specialists to tap into the Eurasian Agricultural sector, gain industry insights and forge lasting business relationships. 
Agriculture is an important sector of Uzbekistan’s economy, accounting for approximately 25% of GDP and employing about 26% of the labor force. Cotton and grain are the country’s principal crops, but elimination of quotas and price controls in 2020-2021 is facilitating a shift to higher-value fruit and vegetable cultivation. The government hopes to double farmers’ income and ensure a minimum 5% annual growth of agriculture in 2022-2026 through intensive development programs, application of advanced scientific achievements, digitalization, and adoption of new technologies.


Applications for participation In AgroWorld 2025 are now open!
Dates: March 11-13, 2025 


Official supporters of Agroworld Uzbekistan


· The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan
· The Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan
· The Council of Farmers, Dekhkan Farms, and Household Lands of Uzbekistan
· The “Parrandasanoat” Association
· The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan